Marchita Inglaterra De Moda Vintage De Piel De Vaca De Alta Martin Botas De Moto Botas De Tobillo De Las Mujeres Zapatos De Mujer Botas Mujer Zapatos De Las Mujeres

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      Awesome!!!!!! Shoes fire!!! Genuine Leather! Box and tags MD. compared with the original ..... There are no differences!!! On the foot 23,5 cm 37 size sits perfectly! They can be perfectly combined with any clothes. Seller umnichka! Thank you❤I recommend definitely!!!!

      Lobova 2012


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      Boots are just a bomb. I had shoes original MD, the quality here is not inferior, you can distinguish only by the hood of the insole))) by 24 cm leg, took 37 pp, they sat down like poured. We'll check in the sock. Delivery 14 days Moscow Time



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      Good shoes, the skin is or not yet not clear, the time will show, but the shape, and how they look very like and comfortable.



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      Delivery to Mo in 20 days, excellent. On quality-everything is fine, the same brand as you thought :). All as in the store, but noticeably cheaper. Because the leg is narrow, then another insole is placed. Product and seller recommend.



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      The seller sent the order probably a week and a half, very long. But the goods themselves are magnificent! Comfortable, beautiful, high boots. On the insole 25,5 cm is perfect! A little stock is for a warm sock, but consider my leg narrow. I was in the original store, so these even look cooler to me. And that for me is not unimportant, at 39 sizes (according to the standards 40) do not look huge lasts, the leg seems very neat. In short, justified by all 100%. The box is crumpled, but I do not care



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